From Pencil to Prototype (part 1)

Last October I took a Skill Share class taught by Paul Budnits of Kid Rocket. The goal of the course was to design a toy from a sketch and develop a turnaround that could be used to prototype a physical toy. When I enrolled in this class I had already decided I wanted to model something in Zbrush that I could 3d print and make a mold from and this was a great opportunity to bounce ideas off of other artists and receive some guidance in developing my design process. I went into this project with the intention of creating a robot character that could be part pooh bear part iron giant.   My design also had to incorporate a hammer so it could become a fun visual representation of Smash-O-tron. Working from a mood board to use as reference material  I created a few rough sketches.

Once the sketch was done we were walked through some very basic manufacturing processes used in the toy Industry and we were shown some examples of a turn around that a sculptor would work from. Because I was going to be designer,sculptor,and manufacturer I went ahead and jumped right into modeling my design from my rough sketches. Working in Zbrush I modeled this turnaround and applied a basic color scheme.


Once I was satisfied with the design I posed the model, hollowed it out to save on printing costs and brought the poly count down with the decimation master plugin so I could upload my toy to Shape-Ways.

Within two weeks I got my toy in the mail. TIME TO MAKE THAT MOLD!